IoT Weather Stations

LoRaWAN weather stations can be used to cover observational gaps where weather data is scarce or non-existent. At the Science, Technology and Innovation Unit of the ICTP, we are working with local partners to deploy low-power, long-range, low-cost weather stations based on LoRaWAN in developing countries.

Our Recent Deployments

Long distance

LoRaWAN allows for long wireless links, while keeping the power consumption to the minimum. It can also reach basements and has better wall and foliage penetration.

Security aware

LoRaWAN implements strong encryption that addresses privacy and security issues.


In situ hosting of the network and application servers enable LoRaWAN networks to be decentralized and assures local data privacy.


The deployment of weather stations fits SDG Target 13.2: Integrate climate change measures into national policies, strategies and planning.


ICTP has partnered with NRENs and with Met Offices to make sure the deployments are sustainable and scientifically sound.

Low power by design⚡️

LoRaWAN is a low-power protocol by design. IoT-Weather Stations can be powered by small solar panels and can operate for years with the internal battery.