Tool Kit and Accessories for Hardware Installations

This is a list of accessories to bring along and useful tools for the installation of Barani Weather stations and the Milesight gateway.


  1. Mast to hold the Meteo station, at least 50 mm in diameter, sturdy enough to withstand the wind load
  2. Mast to hold the Gateway, at least 50 mm in diameter, sturdy enough to withstand the wind load at the installation height
  3. SIM card for each Gateway with active contract and no PIN code
  4. Mast for the rain and wind gages if installed independently from the Meteo Helix
  5. U-bolts to attach to the mast
  6. Self-Amalgamating Tape or compound (mastic) to weather proof RF connectors
  7. Black electrical tape

If no stable power is available for the gateway:

  1. Supporting structure for the photovoltaic panel. The panel should be tilted at an optimal angle (OPTA). A good approximate heuristic is the value of the latitude of the place (for example about 8ยบ northwards in Timor Leste). For detailed information consult Global Solar Atlas. The angle can be further optimized depending on the application, season, etc.
  2. Battery and charge controller container
  3. Electrical cables to connect the photovoltaic panel to the charge controller and the charge controller to the battery and to the Gateway


  1. Multimeter (voltage, current and resistance tester).
  2. Compass and binoculars
  3. Clinometer to measure inclination angle
  4. Assorted Zip ties
  5. Philips (Plus) and slotted (minus) screwdrivers (regular size)
  6. Slotted (Minus) screwdriver small size (for wind sensor cabling)
  7. Assorted Pliers and Cable Cutter
  8. Electrician scissors
  9. 7 mm Spanner or socket wrench for Barani Weather station
  10. Spanner for the U-bolts that will be attached to the mast
  11. Hand held radios for two way voice communications during installation if the cellular service is lacking